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Winter Activities
Duration: 1 day / Full Service
Explore exciting world of snow adventure! Great fun for all ages! Daytime and nightime rides!

Snowshoeing and igloos in the Triglav National Park
Duration: 1 day / Full Service
Guided trips around Triglav National Park and Alps - 1 day - One weekend with the taste of adventure and authenticity!

Ski Touring / Backcountry Snowboarding
Duration: 1 day / Full Service
Enjoy Slovenia’s most secret winter places on skis! 1 day (Visevnik) - 2 days (Vrsic Mt Pass) - 3 Days (Komna Plateau)

Husky Adventure
Duration: 1 day / Full Service
So much to enjoy, so much to explore! Meet Huskies, gentle and friendly dogs with so much energy.

Fun on the snow and ice 2013/2014
Duration: 1 day / Full Service
Winter activities for everybody. Skiing, ice climbing, hiking, snowshoeing and many other nice and adventurous winter activities.

Mt. Triglav climb in winter
Duration: 1 day / Full Service
Exploring the highest Slovenian mountain in winter time.

Skiing winter week
Duration: 7 days / Full Service
Alpine skiing in Slovenia and days of winter joy. Alpine and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, easy ice climbing, Bled, Vogel and Tamar valley, capital city Ljubljana.


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Winter fun on the snow.